"Story of FreeMind US" by @Ross N.

"Story of FreeMind US" by @Ross N.

Since the beginning of time there has always been an infinite amount of information in the world. As soon as mankind existed humans have been struggling with its own existence, and how to view the world that is most accurate. The world was once flat, modern medicine once didn’t exist, communicating long distances was impossible, until the human mind created solutions to these problems based on a logical approach. It’s human nature to constantly search for an environment that they are best suited for, but we live in a world where even everyday items could be better used. In 2019 the world is entirely connected and co-dependent, as all the world’s information is available with a Google search, and most people can be reach instantly through the Internet. This is a completely different world than when it originally started, and in order to have our needs best met then it’s vital we change. In all of history there’s one part of this world that has relatively stayed the same, and that’s fashion.

While styles of fashion and certain materials have changed throughout time, there has never been a change of approach to fashion, until now. Freemind US was founded on this idea of connecting people’s brain with their daily style, and letting data combined with art be a major factor in deciding one’s fashion. There needed to be a better approach that fits the individual and brings out the best in each person. Founded by Mr. Cisse in 2019, he wanted to create a clothing brand around what is known as ‘The Core of Freemind’ which are the founding principles for the business. The Core of Freemind are the foundation for what the business wants to continue to be focused around. They include being adaptive to the environment, create and work towards happiness while being stylish, make the best decisions even when it comes to the clothes that go into your wardrobe, and follow your intuition. Mr. Cisse has been working as a data scientist and studying the inner-workings of the brain for years as it relates to data being transformed into information, and this was a major factor for starting Freemind US. His vision was to build a clothing brand around his previous knowledge, and he saw a way to solve a unique problem through a new approach to fashion. Just as mankind builds upon previous generations there have been major influences of Freemind US.

Connection is essential to life and a foundation to mankind’s nature, and it directly impacts our decisions daily. Whether its two pieces of information or two different people, connecting to the world is programmed into the psychology of man. This causes us to be influenced and ultimately shapes our belief systems and play a large role in the person we all become. Based on our beliefs this causes us to make certain decisions, so information drives decisions. We all make actions in the world and are products of both environments, and how we make decisions. Freemind US make decisions based on a logical approach and helps customers with following their intuition.

Freemind US wants to drive daily fashion decisions through accurate and effective information to the individual. Here at Freemind we have greatly been influenced by figures of history such as Bonnie and Clyde, Michael Jackson, and other legends. Those people all lived a life of immense freedom, all had a unique perspective, and dedication to their work. Freemind are pioneers of the fashion world by having these same characteristics. While we admire the past the future of fashion is being created, and Freemind is focused on creating clothing to positively impact the individual.

Freemind US is relatively new clothing company but looks to make a large impact in the fashion world in the coming years. They are taking a fresh and creative approach to a fashion world that has been following the same model since it’s existence. Freemind will let you reach your highest potential through helping with your daily fashion decisions and making clothing to directly impact you based on your individual needs. The newest clothing line from Freemind will be released very soon is the Legacy/ Neural SS 19, which will feature designs and products (Genuine Leather Jacket, Neural Coveralls, Interrobang Puffer Jacket, etc.) that are based on bettering oneself through understanding the mind, the quality of the fabrics and the unique message that it conveys will set the brand apart. This will be coming out in the coming weeks and to stay active to the release then follow Freemind on social media, which will be linked below. Freemind US will bring a modern approach to the fashion industry and make decisions more accurately than our competitors. To stay updated with the progress of the company and stay tuned to new clothing releases then follow our social media, and make sure to check out our website. We are so excited to be on this journey together with you and impact the fashion world to make it better for the consumer.

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  • Lovely brand, I wish you luck!

  • The article was great. I’m a big fan of Freemind US!

    Alex Herrington

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